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Alan C. Swan

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Alan C. Swan

Alan C. Swan
Professor of Law
J.D. 1957, University of Chicago Law School

Alan C. Swan, professor of law, earned a B.A. from Albion College in 1954 and a J.D. from the University of Chicago in 1957. He served as an associate in the New York firm of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy, and as assistant general counsel of the Agency for International Development.

Before joining the Law School faculty in 1972, Professor Swan was assistant vice president, programs and projects, and professorial lecturer in law at the University of Chicago.

He was a member of the American Law Institute and of the Secretary of State's Advisory Committee on Private International Law. He also served as counsel in several significant investor-state arbitrations under the NAFTA agreement.

He published numerous articles on international business and economic law, constitutional law, and contracts.

Professor Swan was co-chair of the Law School's LL.M. program in International Law. He taught courses on international business transactions, international economic law, commercial law, antitrust, and contracts.


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