Graduation Requirements for J.D. Degree

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Graduation Requirements for Students Currently Scheduled to Graduate AFTER May 2012

For those of you currently scheduled to graduate after May 2012, the distribution of the 88 credits required for graduation has been simplified. The only requirements are:

  1. At least one Ethics/Professional Responsibility course, numbered LAW 400-499;
  2. At least one skills requirement. Please consult the course description booklet for the most up to date information on courses designated as skills courses.
  3. At least two substantial writing courses: there are a number of ways to meet this requirement, including enrollment in designated courses and through faculty supervised independent writing credits. Please review this document for a detailed description of the writing requirement.

There are two important limitations that apply:

  1. No course may satisfy more than one of the three distribution requirements;
  2. Only nine externship credits may be counted towards the minimum 88 credits required for graduation.

Students graduating after May 2012, who started their law studies before Fall 2010, may opt to have their graduation requirements governed by the requirements in place at the time they entered Miami Law.

Select courses and clinics may satisfy either the skills or the writing requirement and the student will need to select which requirement is satisfied at the beginning of the semester. Click here for more details.

For further details on degree requirements, please read the Student Handbook.