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"Our intent is to create an archive for all interested churches so that they have a resource to teach the next generation and preserve their history." - Professor Anthony Alfieri, Director, Center for Ethics & Public Service

The program provides multidisciplinary resources in education, law, and social services to underserved residents by establishing congregation-based church partnerships through the West Grove's sixteen-church Ministerial Alliance.

The program offers University of Miami students and faculty opportunities for civic engagement, service-learning, and community-based research and is comprised of the following initiatives:

The program is comprised of the following initiatives:

  • The Oral History Film Project compiles oral history archives for church congregations and ministries through film documentaries with the School of Communication and Ransom Everglades High School.
  • The Environmental Justice Project
  • The Community Education Project provides rights education seminars, capacity-building workshops, and community-based research support to the churches of the Coconut Grove Ministerial Alliance and to local nonprofit organizations. The seminars address the rights and entitlements of children, the elderly, tenants, homeowners, and at-risk families.

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