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The University of Miami School of Law Legal Corps, an award-winning, postgraduate fellowship program, places recent law graduates in public sector organizations. Economic conditions have decreased funding for public sector agencies while the demand for legal services has dramatically increased. In response, Legal Corps seeks to help fill the gaps at understaffed public agencies by providing them with prepared, skilled, and diverse attorneys.

Legal Corps Specifics

1. Who Can Apply for a Legal Corps Fellowship?

The application process is extremely competitive for the limited number of postgraduate fellowships available.

As a nationally recognized program, the application process is extremely competitive for the limited number of postgraduate fellowships available.

Miami Law J.D. candidates must submit an application for a fellowship by the deadline set forth in the applicable Legal Corps Handbook and Application distributed to the candidates' graduating class. Late applications will not be accepted.

Please note that LL.M. students and visiting students are not eligible for fellowships.

2. How Do Applicants Apply for a Legal Corps Fellowship?

Applicants from the current graduating class interested in applying to Legal Corps must review and follow the instructions contained in the Legal Corps Handbook and Application, available by clicking here.

As a prerequisite to applying, applicants must:

  • Be unemployed upon graduation and must not have received or accepted any offers for long-term employment (defined as employment with a term of one year or more) at the time of graduation;
  • Certify in writing that they have conducted a thorough employment search and that they have exhausted all available employment resources prior to applying for a Legal Corps Fellowship; and
  • Supplement the employment search certification on a monthly basis, until such time as the fellowships commence.

Following application submissions, Legal Corps will contact applicants to schedule interviews with a panel of law school faculty, administrators, and community leaders. A select number of finalists will be chosen to move forward in the application process based on the strength of their application, interview, and available funding.

3. What Placement Opportunities are Available to Legal Corps Fellows?

Applicants will be considered for a select number of placement opportunities at public interest organizations, judicial chambers, and government agencies. Legal Corps will disseminate placement information to applicants as such information becomes available.

4. What is the Duration of the Legal Corps Fellowship?

The duration of the Legal Corps fellowship will vary depending upon the type of Fellowship awarded.

5. What are the Conditions of Fellowship offers?

The Fellowship offer is conditioned upon the applicant's:

  • Successful completion of a bar examination after the first attempt; and
  • Admission to a state bar or, alternatively, admission pending "character and fitness" results and the ability to be sworn into a state bar association in the immediate future.

In the event that an applicant fails the bar examination after the first attempt, is not admitted to a state bar or cannot secure an acceptable placement, Miami Law will revoke the applicant's fellowship offer.

Legal Corps reserves the right to make the final determination concerning the applicant's acceptance into Legal Corps and Fellowship commencement date.

All Legal Corps Fellowships are subject to final approval by Miami Law.

Fellowship offers are contingent upon funding availability.

6. What Benefits are Available to Legal Corps Fellows?

Legal Corps Fellows receive:

  • Dynamic opportunities for Fellows to use their legal skills in the public sector, while receiving training and experience by working on important substantive legal issues;
  • Monthly fellowship stipends throughout the Fellowship term;
  • Professional development workshops for which Fellows receive up to 20 hours of continuing legal education credits; and
  • Career development assistance in furthering the Fellows' career goals.

7. Does the Legal Corps Fellowship Offer Health, Retirement or Other Similar Benefits?

Legal Corps Fellowships do not offer health, retirement, or other benefits. For health insurance options, graduates should consider the following:

  • If enrolled in the American Bar Association (ABA) Law Student Injury and Sickness Plan for three continuous months prior to graduation, contacting the provider to inquire about continuing the policy following graduation;
  • Researching Short Term Medical Options available to University of Miami Alumni Association or ABA members; and
  • Contacting your undergraduate alumni association and state bar(s) where you are licensed to inquire about insurance benefits offered through such organizations.

8. What are the Requirements of the Legal Corps Fellowship?

  • Fellows must satisfactorily comply with the requirements set forth in the Legal Corps Handbook.
  • Fellows must meet the host organization's expectations, including fulfilling any and all responsibilities assigned to Fellows by the host organizations in a professional manner.
  • Fellows must work on a full-time basis during the term of their fellowships. The meaning of full-time work will be defined by the Fellows' host organizations. Fellows will perform their work onsite at the offices of the host organizations. Fellows are not permitted to work from home.
  • Fellows are expected not to: (a) knowingly make a false statement of material fact; (b) fail to disclose a fact necessary to correct an error or misunderstanding known by the Fellow to have arisen either before or during the Fellowship; and (c) commit an act that adversely reflects on the Fellows' fitness to practice law. Fellows who commit such acts shall be removed from Legal Corps.
  • Fellows must submit Monthly Time Certifications signed by the Fellows and their supervising attorneys. Fellows must also submit a Bi-Monthly Evaluation Report. During months when written reports are not due, Fellows will participate in a bi-monthly Skype or telephone conference with Legal Corps. Legal Corps will contact the Fellows to schedule the conference.

9. Who Can Register as a Legal Corps Host Organization?

Government agencies, judicial chambers, and 501(c)3 tax-exempt organizations may contact Legal Corps for more information on how to register as a host organization. Click here for more information on becoming a Legal Corps Host Organization.


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