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In-depth research will help you make a more informed decision on which judges to apply to for clerkships. Resources are plentiful and you need to consult a variety of them to attain the necessary information. The following are available either online or in the Career Development Office's Resource Library:

Alliance for Justice: Includes judicial vacancies and reports on gender and race of judges nationwide.

Almanac of the Federal Judiciary (available in the Law Library and CDO): Lawletters, Inc. Volume 1: Profiles of U.S. District Court Judges and Volume 2: Profiles of U.S. Court of Appeals Judges. Contains biographical information, including publications, noteworthy rulings and lawyers' evaluations on all federal judges. Also available on Westlaw.

The American Bench: Judges of the Nation, Reginald Bishop, Forster & Assoc.: Contains biographies of federal and state judges. Covers judicial structure of each state and contains judicial boundary maps.

Chambers Handbook for Judges' Law Clerks and Secretaries (1994) Federal Judicial Center, Distributed by West: Provides an overview of how chambers operate and the work of the federal court system. Also, discusses the role of the law clerk and some, but not all, of a clerk's duties. The Code of Conduct for Law Clerks, adopted by the Judicial Conference, is included.

The Courts: An Excellent Place for Attorneys of Color to Launch their Careers, National Association for Law Placement: Pamphlet describing the role of law clerks, the benefits of clerking, and the application process. Designed to inform students of the availability of clerkships that are suitable for them.

Directory of Minority Judges (available in the CDO)

Federal Judicial Center: Contains biographies on federal judges and a history of the courts.

Federal Judiciary: Links to court websites and general information. Also, note the federal judiciary newsletter which includes recent nominations, confirmation and resignations. See a link to FLCIS (Federal Law Clerk Information System) through the employment tab. This will allow you to search for available clerkships.

Federal Law Clerk: Published by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Washington, D.C. Pamphlet that discusses the role of law clerks and the application process.

FindLaw: Resources on Federal Courts and Judges including relevant judicial information.

Judicial Clerkship website: This database provides insightful information on judicial clerkships.

Judicial Yellow Book (available in hard copy only in the Career Development Office): This book contains biographical profiles of federal and state judges. Contains judges' addresses, telephone numbers, and staff information including the names of current law clerks and the schools attended.

Lexis/Nexis and Westlaw: You can conduct a public records search for information on judges.

NALP State Judicial Clerkship Directory, National Association for Law Placement: Contains information regarding hiring practices of judges.

National Center for State Courts: This site provides links to state court sites.

Online System for Clerkship Application and Review (OSCAR): This is the online application system for 400+ federal judges who have chosen to receive student applications electronically.

Senate Judiciary Committee: Contains information on judicial confirmation hearings and presidential appointments.

Senate Nominations: Recent Senate judicial nominations and confirmations.

Vermont Law School's Guide to State Judicial Clerkship Procedures: Provides basic information about the procedures each state uses for the hiring of its law clerks. Discusses clerkship opportunities in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. This site is password protected. Please contact Karen Warren in the Career Development Office for login information.

Want's Directory of State Court Clerks & County Courthouses, Want Publishing Company: Contains names, addresses and telephone numbers of state Supreme Court, appellate court and trial court clerks and county clerks. Also includes a listing of State attorneys general and their staffs. The Career Development Office does not subscribe to this publication but you may be able to access it individually.

Want's Federal-State Court Directory, Want Publishing Company: Contains names, address and telephone numbers of federal judges, Canadian court clerks and courthouses, and addresses of highest courts around the world.