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"Before attending the UM tax law program, I was a public defender...I decided to do an LL.M. in tax, and through UM's international tax program, I walked into a whole new world and found my niche. I get to travel around the world, handling high– valued, complex tax cases, working with large law firms, accounting firms, and with numerous foreign government tax officials. I always dreamed of a career that allows me to travel. With UM Law as my legal base, I can honestly say, my career is exceeding my expectations."
Melissa Muhammad, J.D. '96, LL.M. Tax '00
Tax Advisor, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
Paris, France

Joint J.D./LL.M. Program

The joint degree option (J.D./LL.M.) is for students who have a genuine interest and aptitude for tax and want to develop expertise to improve chances of working in a particular area such as business organizations and transactions, estate planning and wealth management, or international tax. This option is open to both Miami Law students and to students at other law schools.

 Timing & Credits

The joint program (J.D./LL.M.) offers the opportunity to earn both degrees in only seven semesters, saving time and tuition money over earning the degrees separately. Students begin to take graduate level tax courses during their third year, with 12 LL.M. credits of required courses counting toward both degrees.


Miami Law Students - The Joint J.D./LL.M. option is available to students from the University of Miami School of Law who Students who must have earned a minimum GPA of 3.00 and at least a "B" in Federal Income Tax.

Students from Other Law Schools - Students who are enrolled at other law schools and wish to apply to the Joint J.D./LL.M. Program must have a minimum GPA of 3.00 and earned at least a "B" in Federal Income Tax. They must also submit a letter from their home school dean confirming that Miami Law's program credits will be accepted for transfer toward their J.D. degree.

 Applying to the Program

Students seeking admission should apply during the spring semester of their second year of law school. Click here to access the online application

Triple Degree Program: J.D./M.B.A./LL.M. in Tax

I plan to work extremely hard in my career in order to demonstrate that Mr. Mariano's generosity was well placed ... Mr. Mariano has also inspired me to give back to the University of Miami in a similar manner once I have acquired the capacity to do so.
Christopher Callahan, Tax Attorney, Packman, Neuwahl & Rosenberg, P.A.
LL.M. Taxation, 2013; M.B.A. 2012; J.D. 2011

This program is Ideal for those with the long-term goal of servicing top corporate clients or becoming a senior executive at a bank or financial institution.

$50,000 Mariano Scholarship
Students accepted to the triple degree program with tax as the LL.M. are automatically considered for the prestigious Mariano Scholarship. Read news story about this donation.

  • One Mariano scholarship awarded each year to a student beginning the triple degree program and doing the tax LL.M.
  • This scholarship is awarded based on academic achievements and promise.
  • $25,000/year for two years is applied to tuition at the Law School and the School of Business Administration.
  • Student is selected at the discretion of the Dean and upon recommendation of the Director of the Tax Program.

Program and Application Specifics 

  • Students can obtain 3 degrees in 4 years — a J.D., an M.B.A. and an LL.M. in tax.
  • ONLY for individuals who were undergraduate business majors.
  • Once J.D students begin their 2L year of law school, they can apply to the Tax LL.M. by the end of spring semester after having completed specific prerequisites.
  • During the 2L year, students should also apply to the one-year MBA program; they must have the results of their GMAT exam when they apply.

For specific information about the triple degree option:

Contact Taxation Program Coordinator Aileen Valido at 305-284-5567 or In addition, interested students can contact Sandy Abraham, Executive Liaison, Interdisciplinary Programs and Initiatives, University of Miami School of Law, 305-284-4030 or

For information about the One-Year M.B.A. Program:
University of Miami School of Business Administration
Graduate Business Programs
Telephone: 305-284-2510 or toll free 1-800-531-7137
Fax: 305-284-1878
Web: One-Year M.B.A. Program


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Patricia Brown
Patricia Brown, is an internationally-recognized expert in the field of international taxation, with specialties in tax treaty policy and the international taxation of financial products and institutions.