Curriculum: International Arbitration LL.M.

"A good LLM program offers its students more than merely sufficient 'knowledge' of a subject to enable them to pass a written examination at the end of the course. 21st century LLM students...also seek training in the skills that a credMartin Hunterible practitioner needs in an increasingly specialist world. At University of Miami Law School, Professor Jan Paulsson has designed and put together an innovative LLM course divided between a 'bootcamp', in which he teaches the theory and practice of international arbitration, followed by a series of elective modules led by about half-a-dozen world-class specialists in different seminar and/or 'mock' international arbitration formats."

Professor Martin Hunter, Barrister, Essex Court Chambers
Professor, Presentation of Evidence in International Arbitration


The International Arbitration LL.M. Program comprises nine months of intensive study and training in the field though specialized theoretical and practical courses. The program requires a total of 24 credits completed with a grade point average of 2.3/4.00, of which 12 credits must be in international arbitration courses. Students may pursue a variety of paths to reach this goal. 

I. Required International Arbitration Core Concepts and Skills Courses

Students take a certain number of required international arbitration courses during the fall and spring semesters. Foreign-trained law graduates are required to take two additional courses: An Introduction to U.S. Law and Legal Communication and Research. These courses provide foreign-trained law graduates with a foundation in American common law doctrine as well as legal writing and research.

Fall  Spring 
Basic Concepts in International Arbitration, Professor Jan Paulsson (1 credit)

Advanced Arbitration Seminar, Professor Jan Paulsson (3 credits)

Introduction to U.S. Law, Professor Patrick Gudridge (2 credits)

New York Convention Workshop, Professor Marike Paulsson (2 credits)

International Commercial Arbitration Seminar: A United States Perspective, Professor John H. Rooney, Jr. (2 credits)

Presentation of Evidence in International Arbitration, Professor J. Martin Hunter (1 credit)

Legal Communication I, Professor Renee Schimkat (2 credits) Legal Communication II, Professor Renee Schimkat (2 credits)

II. Elective International Arbitration Courses

Students also must choose at least three credits of elective international arbitration courses. The International Arbitration LL.M. Program offers a variety of courses on international arbitration, including basic and advanced lectures, workshops and seminars on international commercial and investment arbitration, as well as skills-based courses, such as Presentation of Evidence in International Arbitration

Fall  Spring 
Federal and State Arbitration, Professor Luis O'Naghten (2 credits) Investment Arbitration, Professors Nassib Ziadé and Carolyn Lamm (2 credits)
Treaty Interpretation and the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, Professor Marike Paulsson (1 credit) UNCITRAL Model Law: Fundamental Concepts and Impact on Latin America, Professor Andrés Jana (1 credit)
Transnational Litigation and International Arbitration with a European Nexus,  Professor Sandra Friedrich (1 credit)  Globalization and Investment, Professor Jonathan Hamilton (1 credit)

Drafting Complex Arbitration Clauses, Professor Sandra Friedrich (1 credit)


Select students also may complete a two-credit legal practicum with prominent international arbitration firms in Miami, which offers the opportunity for additional training in the workplace and networking.

“My practicum at Shutts & Bowen had a substantial influence on my career path. I am very thankful to my program director and coordinator for this priceless opportunity to get hands-on experience by working in the dispute resolution practice in a law firm in Miami.  I would definitely recommend this practicum to all students who are interested in getting practical experience in international arbitration and dispute resolution during their studies.” 

Madina Lokova (Russia), LLM Candidate
White & Case/Carolyn Lamm Scholarship Recipient, 2016


III. Other Relevant Courses

In addition to arbitration-specific course offerings, students may choose from a variety of other courses relevant to the practice of international arbitration from Miami Law’s vast general course curriculum. Miami Law has attractive offerings for U.S. and foreign-trained law graduates wishing to study all aspects of international and foreign law, such as International Economic Law, International Finance, Financial Accounting for Lawyers, International Business Transactions and Doing Business in Latin America. Moreover, Miami Law is unique in its commitment to bilingual and bicultural education and offers law courses taught in Spanish for bilingual students wishing to improve their knowledge of technical, legal Spanish.

Fall  Spring 
International Law (3 credits) International Law (3 credits)
Business Associations (4 credits) Business Associations (4 credits)
Financial Accounting for Lawyers (3 credits) Conflict of Laws (3 credits)

Doing Business in Latin America (3 credits)

International Law of State Responsibility (2 credits)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (3 credits)

International Business Transactions (3 credits)
International Sports: Basic Concepts of the Legal Framework (1 credit) International Economic Law (3 credits)
International Moot Court (2 credits) International Finance (2 credits)

For a full listing of upcoming courses, visit Miami Law’s course catalogue on CourseLink.

Joint J.D./LL.M. in International Arbitration

The Joint J.D./LL.M. in International Arbitration offers the opportunity to earn both degrees in only seven semesters, saving both time and tuition expense. Students take graduate level international arbitration courses during the third year of their J.D. program, with 12 LL.M. credit hours applied to both degrees: 76 credits for the J.D. (including 12 credits from the LL.M. program); 24 credits for the LL.M. Click here for more information on the Joint J.D./LL.M. in International Arbitration.


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Director Sandra Friedrich
previously practiced law at Latham & Watkins in New York in the firm’s International Dispute Resolution practice group focusing on complex commercial and investment arbitration matters as well as related litigation proceedings. The firm is consistently ranked by Vault Law 100 as one of the Top 10 most prestigious law firms based on perceptions of practicing lawyers at peer firms.

Professor Jan Paulsson is the Faculty Chair of the program.
Marike Paulsson is the Director of the International Arbitration Institute at Miami Law.
Arlene Buchanan is the Program Coordinator.

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Stephen M. Schwebel
April 1, 2015: Stephen M. Schwebel, former U.S. judge and president of the International Court of Justice, on "The High Tide of International Adjudication and Arbitration." 
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