Litigation Specialization Certificate Program

Litigation Specialization Certificate Program

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Students thinking seriously about becoming a litigator/trial lawyer should consider the Litigation Specialization Certificate Program. The certificate is structured to provide the opportunity for a law student to become the best practice-ready litigator/trial lawyer that any law school education can produce. This certificate program provides the opportunity to merge an extensive substantive education with hands-on experience in active simulation and live client litigation settings.

Smart Sequencing of Studies

  1. Students not only take upper-level litigation-specific substantive courses (such as Evidence and Substantive Criminal Law), but also take important non-litigation substantive doctrinal courses (such as Business Associations and Constitutional Law II). Click here to see a list of Required Foundation and Discipline Core Courses and Electives.
  2. Then, students engage in simulated experiential learning thorough our award winning Litigation Skills Program, directed by Professor Laurence M. Rose, which features extremely dedicated, experienced and skilled adjunct faculty from the Federal and State bench and bar.
  3. Next, students obtain live-client experience either in a Miami Law clinic or as a Certified Legal Intern with a governmental agency or legal aid organization, most frequently in the criminal justice system. Finally, a Capstone Seminar in the final semester features presentations by distinguished guest litigator/trial lawyers and other professionals deeply involved in litigation together with a comprehensive research paper of 30 pages written over the entire 3L year.

Click here to see details on Requirements, Courses and Capstone Seminar or Independent Study.

Sequencing, breadth of substantive courses, extensive experiential simulation, live client skills training and the capstone writing experience together facilitate students interested in a career in litigation to take full advantage of enormous resources made available to Miami Law students.


Prospective participants are required to express their interest in the Litigation Specialization Certificate Program at a Mandatory meeting to be held in the 1L spring term. Final selection will be made in August prior to commencement of fall 2L classes. Only students in the top 50% of their class at that time are eligible to participate. While grade point average will certainly be considered, it is not the sole criterion for selection.

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