International Law LL.M. Specialization in Inter-American Law (Law of the Americas)

Inter-American Law

This degree provides the knowledge and skills needed to represent clients investing or doing business in Latin America and the Caribbean.  The program develops specialized knowledge of common law, civil law, and international law. It also offers wide exposure to industries represented throughout the region, such as banking, real estate, hospitality, telecommunications, technology, transportation, energy, entertainment, aviation, retail and insurance.

Why Miami for Inter-American Law? 

Location: Miami is the gateway to Latin America. Not only do many American, European, and Asian companies have their Latin American regional headquarters here, but also the culture of the city lends itself to the learning and practicing of this niche legal area.

Work/Network with Local Latin-American Industry Experts: Students are paired with a legal in-house mentor that matches the student’s top of interest for the capstone project in the “Doing Business in Latin America Workshop” course. The student meets and consults with the Mentor periodically throughout the semester for insight on the topic. 

Bar Exam: Foreign-trained graduates of the Inter-American LL.M. Program may sit for the Bar Exam in several states without a J.D. degree, the most common being New York and California.  After being admitted to any bar in the United States, graduates may practice federal law in any of the 50 states or serve as corporate counsel within a corporation anywhere in the United States. 

Who Should Consider This Degree?

U.S. law graduates and foreign law graduates who wish to specialize in Latin American practice;
Experienced attorneys who are practicing, or intend to practice, in or with Latin America and are looking to deepen their expertise;
Current Miami Law students looking to focus on this field with a joint degree.

The Americas Curriculum – “Path to Practice”

The program requires a total of 24 credits completed with a grade point average of 2.3/4.00, of which a minimum of 12 credits must be Inter-American law courses. Many students pursue different paths in reaching this goal as the exact number of courses taken depends on how many credits are associated with each course. 

Practicum in Latin America: Miami Law coordinates with major regional law firms to provide students with the opportunity to participate in a summer practicum in a Latin American country

Courses in Spanish: The law school offers an array of courses that are taught each semester in Spanish, enabling students a unique opportunity to develop their technical language skills as they master contemporary legal concepts. These courses are generally for American law graduates who are bilingual and will benefit from the practical use of the language in a legal setting. 


Doing Business in Latin America
Doing Business in Latin America Workshop
International Business Transactions
International Law

An Introduction to U.S. Law *
Legal Communication and Research*

(*Required only for foreign-trained law graduates to provide a foundation in American common law doctrine as well as legal writing and research.)


Students may then choose 7 additional credits from Inter-American law courses. Recently offered electives include:

  • Dispute Resolution in Latin America (in Spanish)
  • Latin American Contracts (in Spanish)
  • International Investments and Negotiations
  • International Trade Law
  • Introduction to Caribbean Law
  • Latin America: Lawyering Across Borders

Flexible Study Options 

Full-time, Part-time Study
Students may study on a full-time or part-time basis. For part-time study, the same minimum number of credits is required for the LL.M. degree and must be earned within two years from the initial date of matriculation.

Joint Degree Options
J.D./LL.M. Joint Degree in Inter-American Law:
 Students wishing to also obtain a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree and J.D. students wishing to also obtain an LL.M. in Inter-American Law should opt for the J.D./LL.M. in Inter-American Law.

Intensive Legal English + LL.M. in Inter-American Law:
This three-semester program is designed for foreign-trained law graduates who need to improve their English proficiency before embarking on studying for their LL.M. in Inter-American Law. For more information about our Intensive Legal English program please visit LL.M. with Intensive Legal English

Scholarships, Faculty, Advising

Each year, several scholarships are available and awarded to outstanding applicants on the basis of skills and achievements. Miami Law is also known for its renowned professors who share their extensive knowledge and skills with students. In addition, a career advisor with special training assists LL.M. students with their job search, resume writing, and interviewing skills. Students also work with the Program Director who serves as a personal Academic Advisor to arrive at the best possible individualized program for each student.

Fall or Spring Admissions

Applications to the Inter-American Law LL.M. Program are accepted on a rolling basis with a Fall admissions priority deadline of May 1. Applications for admission are accepted up until the beginning of the program in early August. Foreign-trained students must begin the program in the Fall. Applications are reviewed by an admissions committee as soon as all required documents are received. Visit Admissions Page

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