International Law LL.M.

international law

This program provides students with the background necessary to understand and manage problems arising in today’s international legal order.  The University of Miami School of Law offers relatively selective and small International LL.M. programs to give students a tailor-made experience where each student creates a course of study that matches his or her own academic and professional goals. To do this, within the International Law LL.M., students select one of three specializations. 

1. International Law LL.M. with specialization in U.S. and Transnational Law for Foreign Lawyers
This program is specifically designed for the foreign law graduate looking to become a successful cross-border attorney trained to thrive in a global legal market. This specialization expands international attorneys’ knowledge of:
- U.S. common law and U.S.perspectives on law
- Comparative study of the U.S. legal system

2. International Law LL.M. with specialization in Inter-American Law (Law of the Americas)
Generally for U.S. law graduates who are practicing, or intend to practice, in or with Latin America, this specialization covers the basic aspects of Latin American law. The program exposes lawyers to the region’s legal culture to more effectively service clients as well as to advise clients doing business there. Unique courses taught in Spanish enable students to develop technical legal language skills.

3. International Law LL.M. with specialization in General International Law
For U.S. law graduates, this program affords the background necessary to recognize, understand and manage problems arising in the international legal
order. Students study in such areas as international trade, investment, business, environmental problems, and protection of human rights.


International Law LL.M. + Intensive Legal English
This is for qualified lawyers who need to improve their English proficiency before they immerse themselves into the International Law LL.M. with a specialization in U.S. and Transnational Law for Foreign Lawyers.

Maritime Law LL.M.
This is for students interested in specializing in International Law of the Sea, Admiralty Law, or Maritime & Environmental Law and Policy.


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