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Business and Financial Law Certificate Program

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Practicing business law today requires familiarity with a broad range of complex legal subjects. The Business and Financial Law Certificate program enables students to focus their studies in preparation for assisting clients undertaking sophisticated business, commercial and financial transactions. The program draws on our distinguished Faculty and outstanding practitioners from the Miami legal community to provide a rich offering of courses, informed guidance, and the opportunity to develop practice skills. Students who successfully complete the program receive special recognition on their on their transcripts and diplomas.

Certificate Requirements

Hours Requirement: In addition to the 88 hours required for the J.D. degree, Certificate students must take an additional 4 class hours, for a total of 92 hours.

Grade Requirement: Students must attain a 3.0 grade-point average in courses counting toward the certificate. Students may elect to take one course on a "pass/fail" basis (with the consent of the instructor), except that all "core requirements must be taken for graded credit."

Core Requirements:

  • Business Associations (4 hours)
  • Federal Income Tax I (4)
  • Commercial Law I (4)
  • Legal Accounting* (3)

At least 1 of the following:

  • Federal Taxation of Business Entities (3)
  • Corporate Finance (3)
  • Securities Regulation I (3)

Additional courses (totaling at least 9 hours [12, if Legal Accounting waived]):

  • Antitrust (3)
  • Banking Law (3)
  • Bankruptcy (3)
  • Business Planning Workshop
  • Commercial Law II (3)
  • Introduction to the Deal (3)
  • International Business Transactions (3)
  • International Finance
  • International Sales (3)
  • International Tax (3)
  • Partnership Tax (3)
  • Securities Regulation II (3)
  • Transaction Skills Externship (3)
  • Transactional Skills Workshop (2)

(*Waived if 2 or more undergraduate accounting courses or 1 MBA-level accounting course taken.)

Application Procedure

Students who wish to participate in the certificate program ordinarily apply during the spring semester of their first year by meeting with Certificate program faculty and submitting an application to the Registrar's office. Admission to the program is at the discretion of the Director and is based on demonstrated interest in the practice area and the likelihood of successful completion of Certificate requirements.


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