Miami Law German Exchange Program With Bucerius Law School

German Exchange Program With Bucerius Law School

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UM has entered into an exchange agreement with the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, Germany, which will afford two UM students the opportunity to complete a full semester of German, European and International law courses, all taught by English American, German and other law professors in the coming fall semester. Absolutely no knowledge of German is required. Course credits earned in Hamburg will count toward your UM degree.

About the Bucerius Law School

The Bucerius law school is Germany's first private law school, and its style of instruction is a melding of U.S. and German approaches. Students from Bucerius have excelled in competition with students from other German Law Schools who take the German equivalent of the Bar Exam.

Bucerius has similar exchange programs arranged with some of the world's top law schools, including Buenos Aires in Argentina, Wellington in New Zealand, Osgood Hall in Canada, and Oxford and Cambridge in England. The U.S. schools include Stanford, Duke, Georgetown, NYU, Cornell, Penn, Northwestern, U.C. Berkeley, Michigan, Texas and Virginia. Bucerius has already nominated two students to spend the upcoming fall semester with us in Miami.

About Hamburg

Hamburg is one of the great cities of Europe, Germany's second largest city and its largest port. Cultural, recreational and travel opportunities abound. The Bucerius campus is located adjacent to a park in an attractive section of the city within easy walking distance of the city center. There are many good restaurants and night spots nearby. Weekend excursions by train are easily arranged to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin and other parts of Germany.


Miami students will pay their regular tuition to UM, and pay nothing to Bucerius. (Exception: Bucerius arranges for German language courses to be given on its campus for those who are interested. There is a separate fee. However, the rate is very low because Bucerius subsidizes the lessons.)


Because this is such an excellent opportunity, and because the current agreement only allows for two students in each direction, placement in the program will be competitive; we will select the two most qualified students to propose to Bucerius. They will make the final decision on admission.

There is no application form at this stage. All we need now is:

  • a short letter (1-2 pages) stating the reasons for your interest;
  • a listing of significant international experience (growing up in a foreign country, work in the Peace Corps, the military or business, studying for a semester or more abroad), and/or extensive academic training in international relations, international business, area studies, or related fields;
  • a copy of your CV; and
  • your law school GPA and grades in relevant courses, or a copy of your law school transcript.

We need to receive this information by March 8th for fall semester. Please send application to Sandy Abraham, Executive Liaison,


Miami Law International Exchange Program flyer

  • Broaden your legal perspective
  • Study transnational, EU, and interdisciplinary law
  • Build international networking contacts
  • Access international lawyers, students and faculty
  • Expand your foreign language skills
  • Learn in a different educational system
  • Gain exposure to the civil law tradition
  • Experience a unique culture and nightlife
  • Earn credit while being immersed in the culture of some of the world's most exciting cities
  • Apply with ease – administrative support and financial loan processing are arranged