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There are numerous books offering advice and strategies for navigating law school. The Academic Achievement Program's director, Joanne Harvest Koren, recommends the following books for consideration. The first seven books are written by colleagues with whom Director Koren is personally acquainted and she chose them as the authors have devoted their professional careers working with law students in the areas of Academic Support and Legal Writing.

Suggested Books

Law School Exams – A Guide to Better Grades
By Alex Schimel

Bridging the Gap Between College and Law School: Strategies for Success
By Ruta Stropus and Charlotte Taylor

The Legal Writing Handbook
By Oates & Enquist

Reading Like a Lawyer
By Ruth Ann McKinney

The Law Student's Pocket Mentor: From Surviving To Thriving
By Ann Ijima

Expert Learning for Law Students
By Michael Hunter Schwartz

Law School Exams
By Charles Calleros

Succeeding in Law School
By Herbert Ramy

Plain English For Lawyers
By Richard Wydick