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Information for Parents, Families, and Partners

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The Academic Achievement Program's goal is to help students achieve success in law school and understands that parents, partners and families can make a tangible difference in the lives of our students.

Just as your son/daughter/spouse/partner becomes enmeshed in law school, your life also is affected by the law school experience.

The Academic Achievement Program therefore offers an orientation program designed to enlighten and prepare new law students, their families and important people for the impact the shared experience may have on their personal relationships and academic lives.

This program provides a realistic explanation of both student experiences and law professor's expectations, so when family members and significant others believe students are "embellishing" the time commitment necessary, they will better understand 1L students are not overstating their work load.


View video of the Academic Achievement Program Orientation for Parents, Families and Partners that took place in August 2014.