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Exam Preparation Tips

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  • Try to have your outline / initial review of the material done by the start of the exam period.
  • Read through your outline, clarifying things that are still confusing.
  • For open book exams, spend a bit of time making your outline user-friendly: Tabbing, highlighting, color-coding, cross-referencing to other sections and text book page numbers.

Prepare Worksheets

  • Especially for open book exams, many students find issue-spotting worksheets and other types of check lists to be helpful.

Practice Exams

  • Many professors have old exams or practice exams on file at the circulation desk of the law library. Check them out and copy them.

Study Groups

  • Take practice exams with a study group. Sit together and follow the time guidelines. Then talk about your responses.
  • Prior to your first exam, you might find it useful to sit for a full three or four hour practice exam so that you know what to expect from such a long exam. Think about how you are going to manage your time and the order in which you will do the exam components.
  • Talk through exam and hypothetical responses in groups. Give the group 15 minutes to read and outline a response to a hypo and then talk about what your analysis would look like. Give each person a turn to tell their proposed response.
  • Set time limits and goals for group study sessions. Reserve study rooms at the law library or the undergrad library.
  • Talk through your outlines in your study group. Make sure everyone is solid on the main concepts. Answer each other's questions.
  • Quiz each other on rules and concepts. Use Flash cards.

Memorize Main Concepts

  • Rules in a Flash and/or homemade flash cards.
  • Memorize rule statements from your outline.

Administrative Preparation

  • Get your blind grading number from the Registrar's office.
  • Download the exam files for each of your classes onto Exam Soft.

Take Care of Yourself

  • Get enough sleep, take your vitamins, eat well, exercise and generally take the time to take care of yourself. Keep your immune system strong.